This is an ancient country with rich cultural traditions and a developed tourist infrastructure attracts travelers from around the world. In Egypt, you can relax all year round, but most? peak? time? New Year and Christmas holidays. Holidays in Egypt? it is magnificent Hurghada, a popular Sharm el-Sheikh, El Gouna, which is called the Venice of Egypt, climatic sanatorium Safaga, Makadi Bay, a favorite with divers Dahab, Taba? Egypt was and remains the country most inexpensive mass beach tourism. In Egypt, Red Sea, "flock together? surfers and divers: one catch a wave, while others sink under the water? admire the corals. Wonderful climate, warm sea, wide sandy beaches, quality hotels, a variety of tours and overflowing exotica? All this makes an unforgettable vacation in Egypt: here want to return again and again.

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