Authorization and authentication

Q: What is is the session lifetime? How can you extend the session?

A: Session lifetime is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity you need to repeat the authorization in the gate.

Tour search

Q: First 100 results are displayed in the tour search results. Is it possible using a request to view the next 100 results, starting from 101 up to 200, for example? What do you need to add to the request string?
A: No, it isn’t possible. In order to provide high performance the reply to the tour search is limited by first 100 values. If more results are needed, you can make another search with minimum price equal to the last (maximum) result price.


Q: When trying to make an order the following error occurs: <Error> Flight not found (ID=0). </Error>.
A: Carefully check the value of flightDeparture element in Transfer section for correctness. The value of the field should contain flight departure ID served by the transfer. Flight departure must be either to resort country or from the resort country. As a rule flight departure IDs are equal to IDs from Flight tourservices (flightDeparture element in Ticket section) from the same order

Q: We have successfully booked and paid for the order, but the tour operator hasn’t met (sent off) the tourists.
A: See answer to the previous question.